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We’re looking for highly motivated students willing to make an impact outside the classroom. If you’d like to get to know us before applying, just send us an email and we’ll plan a coffee with you!

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    2 Vacancies

    Test Pilot

    Want to be responsible for test-flying our newest prototypes? We're currently looking to create a small team of pilots capable of doing so. Given the nature of the position, we're looking for applicants willing to commit to a minimum of 2 quarters, and preferably those with experience in flying fixed-wing drones.
    2 Vacancies

    Business Member

    The Business team will work on validating our proposal with key stakeholders in the infrastructure market & beyond. The purpose is to narrow down on the application of our drone, as well as obtain partners and funding.
    Are you interested in the more non-technical aspects of working in a student team? Would you like to build your network and refine your professional skill set? Apply now and we’ll schedule an interview!
    1-2 Vacancies

    Promotion Manager / Concept Artist

    Work closely with all sub-teams to share the interesting stories of the development of our first prototype! You could create posts for the social media pages of the team, work on creating new printed promotional material like clothing, posters and banners, or even design concept art for us to use in presentations and on our socials! Ultimately, we're looking for people that are passionate about bringing our story to the world. Send us your portfolio!
    1-2 Vacancies

    Aerospace Engineer

    The Aerospace team is responsible for the physical aspects of the drone. Work with CFD to find the drag on a wing profile or create a balanced weight distribution for the newest prototype. As an aerospace engineer, you can design, build and test the drone's airframe, all while looking for ways to improve it. Experience in CAD is recommended but not required.
    2 Vacancies

    Electrical Engineer

    Work in a team to develop the electrical systems in the drone. The main task of the avionics team is to optimise the power usage of the drone and find an innovative solution to implement solar power in the total system. Do you like working with cutting edge hardware in a real world application? Apply now! As an Electrical engineer, basic knowledge of electrical systems is required.
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