Our Members

We consist of highly motivated students from a number of different faculties. All of us are eager to make an impact, and we hope to do so through this student team. We work in specific subteams: Aerospace, Electrical, Software, and Business.

The Board

The board manages all sub-teams and makes sure the team stays on track in a general way.  Furthermore, the board forms the connection between the university and the team members.

Daniel Riechmann

Team Lead
Aerospace Lead

Carl de Liedekerke

Business Lead

Banda Norimarna


Julian Gootzen

Board member

Aerospace Subteam

The Aerospace team is responsible for the design and operation of the airframe, as well as other mechanical-related aspects of the project.

Daniel Riechmann

Aerospace Lead

Julian Gootzen


Sean de Noronha


Lucas van der Doelen-Kawazuti


Alfonso de Arriba


Robert Arnhold


Mohammad Balah


Shreyansh Goyal


Electrical Subteam

The Electrical sub-team is concerned with all electronics aboard the aircraft. This includes the power generation, storage and propulsion system, where the continuous focus is on improving efficiency in tandem with the aerospace group.

Raluca Aron

Electrical Lead

Software Subteam

The Software sub-team is responsible for the navigation systems of the drone, with an emphasis on developing semi-autonomous capabilities.

Amir Nurmukhambetov


Business Subteam

The Business team works on validating our proposal with key stakeholders in the infrastructure market & beyond. The purpose is to narrow down on the application of our drone, as well as obtain partners and funding.

Carl de Liedekerke

Business Lead

Daniel Riechmann

Team Lead

Past Members

People who’ve contributed to our project in the past!

Best former member
Patrick Singer

Aerospace 2022-2023


Software 2022-2023

Felipe Cintra

Software 2021-2023

Ion Kolkhuis

Electrical lead 2021-2023

Nart Gashi

Software lead 2021-2023

Robin van Kalderen

Aerospace 2022

Josh Shoemaker

Aerospace (BEP) 2022

Joel Fushekati

Electrical 2021-2022

Marco Barros Barreto

Secretary 2021-2022

Aryaman Mitra

Aerospace 2022

Stefan Rodrigues

Aerospace 2021-2022

Jules Delage-Davies

Aerospace 2022

Prayag Joy

Business 2022

Stefan Geerts

PR manager 2021-2022

Adit Nerurkar

Electrical 2021